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Same day fast BBB A+ rated garage door repair service by San Antonio Garage Door & Gate Company. We have licensed professionals at San Antonio Garage Door & Gate who specialize in garage door repairs of all major brands and models. We will carry out accurate diagnosis and provide the necessary replacement parts to help put your garage door and garage door opener back on track.



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Garage Door Repair: Putting Things Back On Track

A broken garage door could be a result of years of wear and tear suffered by your door mechanisms. It could also be due to a sudden breakage in your door or the hardware operating your door opening mechanism. Irrespective of the cause, a malfunctioning garage door could be a potential spanner in your daily schedule and overall garage security.

At San Antonio Garage Door & Gate we have technicians who can offer you fast, same-day, emergency garage door opener repair service across all locations in San Antonio. The services we offer include:

  • Replacing anything and everything related to garage doors – weather seals, sensors, hinges, cables, rollers, or broken springs.
  • Adjustment for garage door tracks and springs to ensure smooth operation for the door.
  • Repair and replacement for garage door openers.

We have specially trained garage door repair technicians who are adept at handling a variety of configurations, styles, and brands for garage doors and garage door openers. We strive to complete our repairs on the same day of service and you are guaranteed to get the best possible satisfaction out of our service. For more information, give us a call on 210-610-2085. Our executives are standing by and would be glad to provide you solutions whenever you need them!

Why Garage Door Openers are a Necessity

Even when they are made using the thinnest grade of steel, opening garage doors tends to be extremely cumbersome a task that the average individual may not be well-equipped to accomplish. Insulation only makes the door heavier and if you have an arm full of groceries or children to contend with, the task takes on mammoth proportions. The answer to all of this is to have a garage door opener installed.

Every garage door opener is not equal in terms of their manner of operation. These are usually driven by three different types of drives, namely chain drives, screw drives, and belt drives with each one of them having benefits that are not present in others.

Chain Drive Garage Opener

The true and tried chain drive opener stands out as the most basic electric garage door opener yet in the market. Similar to a bicycle chain this particular drive needs to be subjected to periodic lubrication and adjustment as the chains and gears age over time. Chain driven garage door openers are the noisiest of the lot and come packaged with different sized motors fit for use on larger or heavier doors.

Screw-Drive Door Openers

These are regarded as the most durable of the lot and easy on maintenance, something that is achieved by the unique design of the drive. The installation process is very much similar to chain drive systems where the carriage of a screw-drive opener “rides” along a spiraled screw-type rod. The number of moving parts is the fewest in this system and is not as noisy as the chain drive units. Probably the most appreciated benefit of all for this drive system is the speed at which it opens – twice as fast as others which significantly cuts down on the waiting time. That and of course less need for garage door repair service on them.

Belt Drive Door Openers

A belt drive opener is the quietest of the lot. Here a steel reinforced rubber belt is used to lift the door which prevents any kind of metal-on-metal contact between the drive gear and lifting mechanism. Belt drive openers are also the most expensive of all garage door openers but their next-to-nothing noise production capabilities make them the most preferred. The absence of noise is a plus of sorts as it makes the homeowner extra cautious of intruders because there is no noise to give them a warning signal.

Why Choose San Antonio Garage Door & Gate

  • We are a factory-authorized organization: We are the go-to name for installation and garage door repair service of factory-authorized products. From a simple gate intercom to a more complex hydraulic gate operator, we are the company to approach
  • We are the model professionals: We have a team of highly experienced and professional technicians who are capable of providing a solution to all ills of your garage door opener
  • We respond at the earliest: We have already carved out a niche for ourselves in terms of response time for garage door opener repair. Yet, we are aware that at times things just cannot wait. So we offer same-day and 24/7 emergency services, helping us to be ever present in every situation

Call us today at 210-610-2085 for the fastest garage door repair service in Texas!